Film Scanning of 35mm, 120 film to large format, black and white, color negatives, slide films. We can retouch, remove most unwanted scratches.
Don't worry if the film has been in water, as long as the image is still in tact we have something to work with.

The image below had been taken with an old 35mm Nikon FG20, using  Kodak gold, developed and left in a plastic sleeve for 10 years in a hot garden shed in Kalgoorlie, was it damaged, yes, did we recover it, yes.

New film , old film, have a look at the images on our film page,  and see what film looks like scanned. you will be surprised.
With final images printed, saved, emailed or left to be downloaded at your convenience.



Standard film scanning prices. Please add $20.00 per roll ( per large format image) for extra work involved to clean up damaged film.
35mm roll $20.00
120 roll $20.00
220 roll $40.00
large format $20.00 per image

Don't forget the old negatives you found when cleaning a loved ones house. They may be cut to individual frames. We can scan these as well, please contact for details. Files will put on website with password for you to down load, or on other formats as requested at extra charge.

* some damage cannot be repaired. A guide is, if you can clearly see damage on the negative, and it relatively large compared to the subject matter of the image, we may not get it back for you.